I have used Tackling Tables in both state and private schools, and have found that within both settings the resource has been excellent. 

Currently teaching in the independent sector, I recently introduced Tackling Tables to the school. The scheme has been very successful with the children who have become very competitive, not only with themselves but with others as well: trying to achieve a higher level than their peers. As well as this, the scheme has been popular with members of staff as there is minimal work with all the resources being online and all they have to do is print out the certificates the children achieve.

In addition, the ability to practise at home, as well as at school, means that parents can ‘get involved’ too. At school, we have children from Prep1 all the way through to Prep6 using Tackling Tables, but this resource could be used within senior schools too. 

The intelligent practice resources keep the higher ability children challenged, and it is great to see the children’s joy in achieving a challenge they have previously been struggling with. I would whole heartedly recommend Tackling Tables.

Simon Cook, Head of Maths at Wisbech Grammar School



Our pupils are loving the online version of Tackling Tables and many parents have commented on how much their kids are enjoying using it.
Head of Maths at Corby Primary Academy



May I say, how fabulous Tackling Tables is? We’ve got children who absolutely love it, it’s highly competitive and has raised the profile of tables across the school. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing resource.
Paul Appleton - Cherry Tree Hill Primary School Headteacher



Fraser and I have watched the teaching clips on the Tackling Tables website and found them really clear and easy to follow. Fraser was able to explain what you were doing after watching each clip a couple of times. Great resource for parent and child!
Kelly Waterfield - Parent


Tackling Tables has been very much a part of my girls daily routine since they started mid way through Year 2. They both love the challenge of beating their best and very quickly achieved their red badges through regular practice.  The introduction of Tackling Tables online was fabulous as it gave them both the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning. The Intelligent Practice stages have really supported their mathematical development and they are able to quickly make links from other areas. Overall, Tackling Tables has supported them in becoming fluent with their times tables and also increased their confidence in their mathematical ability overall.
As an aside, I just wanted to let you know that Priya got her 100% for percentages yesterday! She is so delighted as am I!
Jyoti Halford - Parent


We are a home school family and love learning through fun activities. When we received the tackling decimal pack, I was very impressed with the quality of the cards (they are not going to crumple easily) and the simple but effective teaching instructions. We started with the adding and subtracting cards and we loved how easy it was to use them. My children immediately made it competitive and a race to see who could collect the most cards by giving the correct answers and were unaware that they had willingly had a maths lesson! I will be recommending these cards to our home school group and even though it’s aimed at younger children, it’s a great recap for teens to brush up on their decimal skills.

Jenna Halstead - Parent


Undoubtedly, Tackling Tables has revolutionised our children's enthusiasm, understanding and fluency of times tables. The card game is fun, exciting and engaging for children.
Jocelyn Knight - Maths Lead at King's Cliff Endowed Primary School



The card system enabled us to play games that reinforced his knowledge in a fun, family way. A brilliant and well thought-out system.

Antonia Moussakou - Parent