Tackling Percentages - Parents


Tackling Percentages is another fun card game in the Tackling Maths range. Played regularly, students will understand the meaning of percentage and how they relate to fractions and decimals.

This approach helps students to develop confidence when dealing with:

  • Making connections between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Calculating percentage of amounts - basics
  • Calculating percentage of amounts – advanced and applied
  • Calculating percentage increase and decrease

The Tackling Percentages approach separates the task into 4 component parts to make the learning exciting and achievable. The cards come with extensive help notes so you can support your child as they develop fluency and make connections. Don’t be daunted by this subject - the answer is on every card!


The great card game to master understanding of percentages

  • Play anytime, anywhere
  • Challenging and effective
  • Clear and extensive teaching notes 
  • Helps students to calculate percentages of amounts, percentage increase and decrease and understand the relationship between percentages, decimals and fractions.