Tackling Negative Numbers - Parents


Dealing with Negative Numbers is a notoriously tricky area of maths – one in which many students struggle. Tackling Negative Numbers is a fun, card-game based scheme of work in the Tackling Maths range. The approach helps students to develop fluency with the principles of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with negative numbers.

With knowledge comes self-belief and with confidence, learning is unlocked because children taste success. There is no better feeling than thinking ‘I can do this!’

If the sound of subtracting a negative or multiplying two negative numbers sounds daunting – don’t worry, the cards come with extensive teaching notes to help you to support your child as they develop fluency and make connections.

Playing the Tackling Negative Numbers card game is a fun and exciting way for you to get involved and support your child’s learning.


  • The fun card game to master understanding of negative numbers
  • Play anytime, anywhere!
  • Engaging, exciting and effective
  • Clear and extensive teaching notes for parents and students
  • For help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division